12 angry men juror 9 is the hero

NEXT Ever notice that every blockbuster movie has the same fundamental pieces? A hero, a journey, some conflicts to muck it all up, a reward, and the hero returning home and everybody applauding his or her swag?

12 angry men juror 9 is the hero

Or was he reprising Henry Fonda's role in 12 Angry Men?

12 angry men juror 9 is the hero

Or was he just following the dictates of his conscience? It's an argument that won't be settled by a newly released Dec. Instead, it's an argument that will most likely play out in appeals court. While former Congressman Chaka Fattah sits in jail, anxiously awaiting the outcome. In a memorandum made public by the judge today, Juror No.

In the memorandum, the judge said he asked Juror No. His story was simply that for five hours he participated in eight straight votes on the charges in the case, beginning at the bottom of the indictment. These are facts totally missing from Judge Bartle's belatedly released, factually incomplete and decidedly partisan memorandum.

On eight straight votes, Juror No. The last vote was an argument over whether Fattah co-defendant Karen Nicholas had falsified records to federal officials. That's when, according to Juror No. I'm not gonna change my mind. Why should I change my mind? And if it conflicts with what other jurors are saying, a juror isn't supposed to cave simply because the majority of jurors, and possibly the trial judge, want him to.

A juror is supposed to follow the evidence, and the dictates of his conscience. According to the judge's memorandum, the other jurors in the case wrote an ungrammatical note to the judge that said: He constantly scream at all of us.

At the time, Juror No. Such as suggesting that when Juror No. He turned out to be right. The rest of the jurors, he said, wanted to start at the top and work their way down. The feds claimed that the congressman had laundered that loan through a friendly political consultant to pay off his campaign debts.

Only the word of two government witnesses who were jammed up with their own legal problems that included lying to the government.

The debate over whether to start at the bottom of the indictment and work their way up was the last argument Juror No. Judge Bartle, for one, has already made up his mind. In his memorandum, the judge said he dismissed the juror because: I base that having observed him, based on his word and his demeanor before me.

12 angry men juror 9 is the hero

He wants only to have his own voice heard. He has preconceived notions about the case. He has violated his oath as a juror.

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And I do not believe that any further instructions or admonitions would do any good. I think he's intent on, as he said, hanging this jury no matter what the law is, no matter what the evidence is. That, however, was not Juror No. His story was that he didn't have any preconceived notions.

He carefully reviewed the evidence, came to some conclusions, and then, in the face of great opposition in the jury room, refused to change his mind.

It's an argument that defense lawyers in the case are sure to pick up on. And, unlike the lawyers in the Fattah case, who say they are still bound by Judge Bartle's gag order, the defense lawyers in appeals court will be free to make an argument.

And suggest that perhaps the trial judge got it wrong. On the issue of the gag order, one defense lawyer after another in the case declined comment by saying there was a gag order. The judge however, asserted in a footnote in his memorandum that "no such order has been put into effect.

Were all those terrorized defense lawyers in the case sharing a common delusion?Juror 12's small role in 12 Angry Men can be important to many people.

He may seem to be the peacemaker, yet all too frequently he seems to just not care about the life that they could be setting.

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Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on schwenkreis.com Conflict Twelve Angry Men Essay; Conflict Twelve Angry Men Essay. Words Oct 25th, 4 Pages. Show More. Practice SAC: “The 8th Juror is the hero of Twelve Angry Men. Discuss”. By Ralph Cipriano For schwenkreis.com Was Juror No.

12 in the Chaka Fattah case being obstinate? Or was he reprising Henry Fonda's role in 12 Angry Men? We’ve created a flyer you can show to police during checkpoints and traffic stops.

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