An analysis of the explosion of fireworks illuminating in the skyline

But have you ever stopped to consider exactly how those dazzling pyrotechnics work? The science behind fireworks is far more interesting than that of other, simpler explosives. But what do fireworks have to do with spectroscopy — and what is spectroscopy, anyway?

An analysis of the explosion of fireworks illuminating in the skyline

An analysis of the explosion of fireworks illuminating in the skyline

The events of this story serial take place roughly six months prior to the events of Over Your Shoulder. Immediately the Toa wished that his unexpected journey had been the result of his own Elemental Powers rather than the brutish Rahkshi of Fragmentation that had thrown him.

The almighty crash of debris that proceeded marked his shoulder tearing through the casing of a Stasis Tube. Fortunately, the container had been reinforced with a secondary protective layer, but the outsides were no match for his armor.

The casing fractured as he bounced right off. The retarding force left him to land roughly in a shower glass shards. He winced, like a Matoran who had just fallen off his first Hover-Cycle. The Toa's name was Orkahm. He hadn't held the title of Toa for two whole months. Already he was fighting a horde of Rahkshi for his life.

The exact reasoning behind his bizarre ascension into one of the Matoran Universe's guardians was beyond him. He deserved the extra responsibility no more than the next Le-Matoran and actually wanted it even less.

Being a Toa was an unsavory occupation, especially when the rest of the world wanted you dead. The disorientated Matatu-wearer felt a strong arm wrap around his waist before he was pulled back to his feet and dragged aside by the last remaining member of his team, VhisolaToa Metru of Water.

Back in the good old days, their group had consisted of six Toa: It had been a somewhat sizable team of various different Matoran from radically different backgrounds.

Back then they had boasted at least one Toa per district, with a number of reserves dotted across the island. Facing internal problems from its formation, a rivalry between Toa Nuhrii and Toa Ahkmou had swiftly developed, with both Toa still harboring lingering bitterness following the Metru Nui Civil War almost 80, years before.

Over the course of the team's short activity, the pair had continuously endeavored the undermine each other, leaving their Toa unit operating under no clear leadership for some time.

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As such, the earliest months had been synonymous with bickering and indecision until finally a conflict of interest had driven both Toa to venture out into the wider world.

Nuhrii had transferred into the an offensive battalion stationed on the Northern Continent and Ahkmou had journeyed away from the City of Legends to wrestle with his own demons.

For the majority of the Destiny War, the Skakdi had operated as a somewhat neutral entity, with members of the species rising to prominence in both the Brotherhood of Makuta ranks and amidst the Matoran Federation. Orkahm himself harbored no affection for the Skakdi and had been disheartened when the Zakazian Council of Warlords had invoked an old military treaty between Metru Nui and the island of the Skakdi.

Obligated to dispatch a group of Toa to help defend the island, Toa Tehutti had volunteered alongside several of the remaining Toa Inika to provide aid for the survivors.

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With no word returning from the Skakdi homeland and with Visorak Horde marching upon the borders of Xia nearly a month later, it seemed that Tehutti's efforts had done little to impede the progress of the Brotherhood's unstoppable war machine.TRANSLATOR'S NOTE The present volume contains all the essays on flies, or Diptera, from the Souvenirs entomologiques, to which I have added, in order to make the dimensions uniform with those of the other volumes of the series, the purely autobiographical essays comprised in the Souvenirs.

Frosties and Fireworks HamstersAndLunchboxes, ohhitherekate. Summary: All of AJ’s life, she was always told that she couldn’t.

Couldn’t go to college, couldn’t be a biochemist, couldn’t make a difference, just because of her gender. Stubborn as she is, AJ joins the war effort and things start going her way when she meets the blue-eyed. Jun 30,  · In a good fireworks picture you want to see the trail streaming up and see the explosion at the top.” Counting the seconds from the ascent of the flare until its explosion will give you a solid starting point for shutter speed.

Whispers in the Dark was a story set on the Metru Nui in the Fractures Universe, written by BobTheDoctor The events of this story serial take place roughly .

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