Anti gay attitude in schools

University of Leicester January Same sex equality issues, such as civil partnerships, adoption and gay marriage, have been the subject of considerable debate in recent years as governments have passed various laws on the matter. These measures have sometimes elicited apprehension or critical responses from the leaders of various faiths and denominations as well as religiously-based campaign groups.

Anti gay attitude in schools

It begins in elementary schools and occurs with alarming frequency in middle and high schools. The victims are girls, boys, and gender non-conforming students. Title IX has been law for over 45 years.

Anti gay attitude in schools

School administrators ignore it at their peril. An increasing number of school districts face OCR investigations. More Title IX lawsuits are being filed in federal courts. More families are successfully suing districts over mishandling sexual harassment and violence, and reaching large monetary settlements.

And more media reports cast ill-informed school districts across the country in an unfavorable light. School districts often believe they can inoculate themselves against legal action and bad press by simply denying or ignoring sexual harassment and assault in their schools.

They can devise elaborate strategies to deflect liability for their failure to protect students from harassment and assault. Denying or ignoring sexual harassment is always the wrong course of action because school districts end up harming the very students they are mandated to serve.

Although school staff claim to take sexual harassment and violence seriously, as evidenced, they say, by their written anti-harassment policies, too often they are unprepared to respond appropriately to real incidents.

School administrators are woefully ignorant of their Title IX responsibilities. School administrators then rationalize their failure to address sexual harassment and assault by explicitly or tacitly sanctioning these fallacies: Sexual assault and harassment rarely occurs among school age children.

A large majority of students experience some form of sexual harassment during their middle and high school years. Almost all of them feel that the sexual harassment has a negative effect. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students routinely report being physically and verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation.

This attitude actually promotes sex discrimination. It reinforces stereotypical messages about sexuality to both boys and girls, and encourages unhealthy, destructive sexual expression. Parents do not send their children to school to be sexually harmed or victimized. Kids cannot learn in a hostile school environment.

Schools have an obligation to ensure the safety of all students with whom they have been entrusted. A persistent, sexually hostile school environment is diagnostic of irresponsibility and failure on the part of teachers, counselors, administrators, and district leadership.

Students have to learn to get over it. Sex-based harassment causes real emotional, psychological, and economic damage to students. Feeling unsafe at school correlates with declining academic performance, skipping school, and dropping out.

Anti gay attitude in schools

Girls and young women who drop out of school due to sexual- or gender-based harassment can have higher rates of unemployment than men who drop out. Those who do get jobs make significantly lower wages than male dropouts. Schools that are unprepared to act responsibly in accordance with federal anti-discrimination laws suffer painful regulatory and financial consequences, bad press, a loss of public support, while failing to provide their students with a healthy educational environment.The regulations define a bias motive as hatred, hostility, negative attitude, or prejudice about a group or individual because of race, religion, ethnicity, handicap, gender, or .

CHEYENNE - School board members in Wheatland rejected a request this week to put back up banners for an anti-hate campaign at several of their schools.

The reason: They were sponsored by a gay and. An October 5th article in Citizenlink (a Focus on the Family affiliate) entitled, “Teen Suicide is a Complex Issue” challenges The Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights advocacy organziation, for calling on Education Secretary Arne Duncan to push for anti-bullying .

Anti-gay bias prevents the ability of schools to create effective honest sexual education programs that would save children's lives and prevent .

Ben Clements. University of Leicester. January Same sex equality issues, such as civil partnerships, adoption and gay marriage, have been the subject of considerable debate in recent years as governments have passed various laws on the matter.

Body Image = your attitude, feelings, beliefs about your gender expression and physical (as in anti-gay harassment).”-- Safe Schools Coalition.

Safe Schools Coalition Beth Reis, ; revised 3 of 4 NINE BASIC ASPECTS OF SEXUALITY.

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