Business lv2 unit 4 m2

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Business lv2 unit 4 m2

My team consists of 5 people who were picked according to the strengths and abilities. Our teacher then took down the names of each member of my team.

Business lv2 unit 4 m2

We named ourselves Sweet Tooth. In this assignment I am going to be describing different types of teams and the benefits of Business lv2 unit 4 m2 of 2 different organisations.

The first organisation is Sweet Tooth which is a company made by business students from Westminster Kingsway. The team that was formed is a temporary team, as it was formed in a short period of time as it was formed to complete a specific task. I am fortunate to be a member of that team.

Each member of my team focuses on different aspects of the organisation. Each member was appointed positions according to their skills and abilities.

I decided to take position as Team leader as I believe I have a strong personality, with an equal understanding of what each team member wants, by being able to comprise with every individuals idea.

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For example, as Mohammed is more experienced in the sells aspect as he works in Starbucks, he has been assigned to sell the products. For example they have a team of cashiers, a team for cooking etc. It is also really important that each team member works together and follows the systems in place to ensure that best quality food and service is provided to their customers.

All positions are needed to form a team; if one position is not effectively cooperating it can affect the performance of the team as a whole.

When a team works well together as unit they are able to accomplish more than the individual members can do alone.

Team work creates higher quality outcomes that are more efficient, thoughtful and effective, as well as faster. Individuals benefit from team work through mutual support and great sense of accomplishment. Members of cohesive teams have emotional and social bonds that link them to one another.

Business lv2 unit 4 m2

A few factors needed when building a cohesive team are: Diversity Successful teams need diversity as if everyone has different skills and experiences it is easier to give them roles that relate to their strengths.

Through diversity the team is then able to put all the experiences in order to achieve the goal of their mission. Practising-Teamwork Team- building exercises help improve the strengths of teams weak points, so that they able to pull together and accomplish their group goals and personal goals.

Before working on tasks, teams should work on smaller task just to see how well everyone works together. This will also make it easier to giver members of team specific roles. He believed a team should be put together for a specific purpose. Each team member should be chosen to ensure that the correct balance of skill and behaviour is achieved.

P6 In this task I am going to review the teams overall effectiveness, together with my contributions to achieving the goals, receiving and providing feedback to other team members. If there was anything that I would have done differently it would have been to be a little more organised, as we had little time to do the event a majority of things were left to last minute but we still pulled through as a team.

As I was team leader I was forced to put my team leading skills to the test. When my team felt pressured I was there to calm them down and a sure them that everything will go as planned. I made sure everything came together at the end.

When problems arose I made sure they did not become a big issue and fixed it. For example 2 members of my team were running a little late and no one knew where they were, so I took it in to my own hands to call them and find out if everything is okay and they got there just in time for the event to begin.

A few of my strengths while conducting the event as I already mentioned was keeping everyone calm and making sure everyone in my team was doing the correct thing at all times as we were representing our college.

I performed quiet well in the team activity. This was because I was able to use my attributes such as being a creative person which helped in thinking of interesting and unique ideas for the activity we did.

I am also a strong leader. This is why I was chosen a team leader by my team. If I was able to do the whole activity again I would make sure we had more time to the activity because I felt as if we had to rush the activity and with more time we probably could have promoted the event more successfully which could have increased our customers and profit.

It could also mean we could have had more time to come up with different ideas. Another thing i would have done differently is make the roles allocated more clearly within the team so that we were more organised on the day.

The team member I will be giving feedback to is Mary Teniola.Supply-chain operations reference (SCOR) model is a process reference model developed and endorsed by the Supply Chain Council as the cross-industry, standard diagnostic tool .

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BTEC National Level 3 Unit 4 BTEC Level 3 Unit 4 - Business Communications. P1 – Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes. The following hyperlinks, PowerPoint P5, P6, M2 Student help sheet 3 PowerPoint P7 Student help sheet 4.

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