Docent script of the history of

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Docent script of the history of

About About the Blog: The story is a well known one: His tragic death the next morning was a stunning blow to a country that had just begun to emerge from the dark shadow of a Civil War that had lasted four long years.

Instantly, and appropriately, Lincoln became an American saint. He gave his last, full measure for the country and was struck down just after completing his goal. His story is told all over this country and it is said that Lincoln is one of the most written about figures after Jesus Christ.

But, there is another part of this story. It is the story of a young actor driven to extremes. It is the story of a group of conspirators who were determined to strike back against a government that, they believed, had destroyed the United States they had known and loved.

Docent script of the history of

It is the stories and facts about these individuals that this blog hopes to share. Not because we agree with their actions or because we share their beliefs. We learn about them because the darker parts of history can shed the most light on the past.

While the actions they took were abhorrent, the sentiments that motivated those actions were shared by many. There was a time when those who studied the assassination of Abraham Lincoln were looked down upon by mainstream Lincoln historians.

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The history of the assassination and its characters was largely ignored by popular Lincoln historians. However, in recent years, a beneficial shift in thinking has occurred.

While still a horrific crime, it is no longer a period of time to ignore or to speak of in hushed tones. This does not mean we condone the actions of the assassin. Rather, our moniker states our commitment to studying, analyzing, and interpreting the actions of John Wilkes Booth and others involved in the great American drama that is the Lincoln assassination.

Ignoring and dismissing the lives and of the men and women involved in the conspiracy does a great disservice to history and to the memory of Abraham Lincoln.

We cannot truly honor and appreciate Lincoln without understanding the complexity of his death.

Docent script of the history of

The content of this site varies between serious pieces of scholarly research, travelogues by the authors, and the occasional pieces of levity, which is needed when dealing with such a dark subject manner. All posts, however, from the serious to the trifling, relate to or demonstrate how the assassination of Lincoln has impacted our world.

We hope that this blog will be a worthwhile educational source for information about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

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It is a fascinating chapter of history and deserves to be explored and shared. We invite you all to follow this blog by email or just come back from time to time.

For many years, I have been fascinated by the events of April, As a child growing up in Illinois, I never understood how anyone could kill Abraham Lincoln, our greatest President. I started doing more serious reading and research on the matter in high school when I was introduced to the Stephen Sondheim musical, Assassins.

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Ever since then, I have found that the rabbit hole that is the Lincoln assassination is infinitely deep.A call for independence docent script Hello, my name is, and I will be taking you through the first portion of the Declaration of Independence, which is the grievances against King George III.

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