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Below you will find nearly essays from people about the songs and music that inspires them, along with the survey and writing contest summary report from the StageofLife. The majority were teens.

Essay his life music

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At the Stockholm awards ceremony, he informed the world that he would not be writing any more novels, at least not for the foreseeable future.

He has no more reason to write. In an extended April 16, interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Sunday Morning, Oe detailed his reasons for writing and why he no longer needs to write. Oe sees his writing as a healing process. Thirty-two years ago, when his son was born, Oe and his wife were told that the child had a herniated brain.

The parents were told that surgery could be done but that if the child survived he would be severely Essay his life music. Doctors tried to convince the parents that they should let their son die saying the most they could hope for "was a kind of vegetable existence.

They told him about their process of growing from despair to hope. They decided to get the operation for their son Hikari. Their son survived, he was epileptic, developmentally delayed, visually impaired, with limited physical coordination. Oe's novels gained new vitality as he attempted to give voice to his son who never learned to speak beyond a few limited words.

The father spoke of his personal challenges saying that while that living with a child with a disability brought suffering to him, his son taught him invaluable lessons, and gradually the "burden" became a gift.

The son gave meaning to the father's life. Kenzuburo Oe went on to reach the pinnacle of Essay his life music profession and credits his son for this achievement. But that is not why Oe stopped writing novels. It seems his son has found his own voice.

At age six, Kenzuburo Oe's son spoke his first word, identifying the call of a bird. At 32, Hikari still speaks only a few words, and still is severely disabled. Hikari, however, has learned to express himself through music. Hikari won his own prize last year.

Essay his life music

Not bad for a "vegetable. Life probably would have been a little easier. There might have been less suffering but also less joy.

Neither father nor son would have known what they had missed. And if someone tried to tell the parent who made such a choice or the doctor who advocated for it just how rich those lives would have been if they had chosen to keep such a child alive, no one would have believed it anyway.

As a footnote to the above, Kenzaburo Oe, wrote a fictional book, Kojinteki na taike, based on his own life experiences that deals "with his decision about passively "letting his child die," "actively killing the child," or "fighting for his child's life," says Sobsey adding: According to Oe, the real life decision was made quickly, and he only really thought for a minute of "mercy killing," but in the book, the decision takes much longer for dramatic reasons.

My instinct was right. His existence has since illuminated the dark, deep folds of my consciousness as well as the bright side" quote translated in Michiko N.

Wilson's The marginal world of Oe Kenzaburo: A study in themes and techniques. In another quote, he says "This child of mine deeply and sharply influences the structure of my flesh and spirit.

Therefore, when I write about trees and whales, these words, which embody symbolic meanings, constantly reflect the shadow of the child's existence" p. Sobsey concluded with, "As the father of a child with a disability, these words resonate inside me.

I feel quite horrified when I stop to think what might have happened had my son Hikari never listened to music: Moreover, it might well have been impossible for us, his family, to surmount the many difficulties which have confronted us.

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I feel this with compelling immediacy as I look back over our past three decades with Hikari, who has live these years with a mental handicap. Hikari was born with an abnormal growth which was soon removed surgically from his head in a difficult operation. But although Hikari's mental retardation gradually became evident thereafter, he continued to grow physically in his cot just like any other healthy infant.

His young mother listened frequently at this time to the music of Mozart and Chopin, mainly to shield herself from anxiety over the child.

Looking back from the vantage point of the present, it seems that the baby must have listened intently to this music. Hikari eventually had the good fortune to encounter a piano teacher who gave him the chance to discover the joy to be had from the creation of harmony and melody.

One day he showed us his first composition, written in long-tailed notes resembling bean sprouts, and we could but marvel at this astonishing development. It was after several performances of his music by gifted friends that we began to understand exactly what musical composition meant to Hikari.

Had he not composed, he would surely never have been able at any time in his life to convey the rich, profound, crystalline and radiant message contained in this music.Bach: essays on his life and music User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict.

Bach's life and work has been of interest to musicians and scholars for over years. This collection of essays by Wolff (The New Grove Bach Family, Norton, ) illuminates aspects of Bach's. Dec 06,  · In his essay “Civil Disobedience," Henry David Thoreau opens by saying, “I heartily accept the motto, ‘That government is best which governs least’" (), and then clarifies that his true belief is “‘That government is best which governs not at all’" ().

back and forth from Kansas city to urban Detroit. While growing up, he was picked on and beaten by people all the time.

He would get jumped and beat by his mother. All of these instances lead to the type of music he makes today. To add to all of this, his closest relative and best friend, comitted.

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