I just met a girl named maria judith ortiz cofer

Background[ edit ] In the essay, "The myth of the Latin Woman: I Just met a girl named Maria" author Judith Ortiz Cofer expresses her view of the stereotypes that she and other women of Latin and Hispanic descent have had to endure. She begins the story by relating an experience where a drunk pub patron started singing "Maria",from "Westside Story' to her, while she is on a bus trip to London from Oxford. As a Latin American woman, Cofer shares her opinion regarding the stereotypes that have occurred throughout her life.

I just met a girl named maria judith ortiz cofer

The main difference in the American culture and the Puerto Rican culture is the clothing styles.

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Americans dress more modest and dull; Puerto Ricans dress flashy and vibrant. Cofer also talks a little about how the movies portray Puerto Rican and Latin Woman.

I just met a girl named maria judith ortiz cofer

The other main point Cofer makes is that even though she had a hard time when she was growing up she still became successful and that any one can do the same.

We just have to turn all the negative into a positive and keep on living. I liked this article and I strongly agree with it. Americans are so used to seeing one way and one culture that when something new or someone new comes along they automatically assign a stereotype to them or try to relate them to a movie character we have seen.

This article also proves that anyone can succeed in life; no matter what pitfalls or negative experiences it throws. The other thing that I liked about this article is that Cofer went into some detail about what stereotypes we put on her and that she told it as a real life story, not as an example of what could happen.

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“The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” is an essay written in first person by Judith Ortiz Cofer in which she attempts to dispel negative stereotypes branded on Latin American women using personal anecdotes of her life.

The Myth Of The Latin Woman I Just Met A Girl Named Maria By Judith Ortiz Cofer. Uncovering the Stereotypes of the Latin Woman Being a victim of stereotyping is difficult for anyone to deal with. In the essay, “The Myth of the Latin woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria,” author Judith Ortiz Cofer reflects on her experiences being stereotyped .

Aug 30,  · Cofer, Judith.

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The Myth of a Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria. University of Georgia PressIn Judith Ortiz Cofer's essay "The Myth of a Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria"(), she claims that Latin women are stereotyped as promiscuous because of the way they dress.

Cofer supports her . The Myth of the Latin Woman (also known under the title Just Met a Girl Named Maria) is a non-fiction essay written by Puerto Rican author Judith Ortiz Cofer.

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In the story, Cofer details the racist stereotypes that she has encountered in her life, as well as ones that . According to Judith Ortiz Cofer in "The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria," what has helped her in dealing with ethnic and racial prejudice?


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