Interest rates research paper

Hire Writer They could allow more investors to invest; causing an increase in aggregate supply that could meet the exceeding aggregate demand and therefore push down inflationary prices. But in the short run, it would discourage people from saving and instead increase consumption expenditure, thus further worsening the inflationary pressures. But in the long run, it could work out well. The impact of my solution on key economic variables are:

Interest rates research paper

Interest rates remain an integral part of the modern economy. Still, the practices of lending and credit have been part of human commerce for millennia, although they have evolved considerably during that historical course. In the modern world, lending and borrowing entail such concepts as credit ratings, collateral, assets, and debts.

Two factors to consider when lending and borrowing are time and return. On one hand, the lender seeks to have his or her loan returned as soon as possible the borrower also hopes to pay off the loan as quickly as he or she can.

Interest rates research paper

The primary vehicle used to address these two aspects is interest. For this reason, the rate at which interest is applied is integral to both understanding economic trends and, where necessary, correcting negative economic conditions.

This paper will take an in-depth look at interest rates. Lending Lending and borrowing date back as far as prehistoric times, before formalized systems of trade and barter were established. One individual, for example, might lend some seed to his or her neighbor or family member, with the promise that the borrower would return the debt once the fall harvest took place.

Of course, a considerable amount of time would transpire between the day the loan was given and the day the loan was repaid, and in light of that fact, some sort of agreement needed to be established whereby the lender was compensated for both the original sum and the time it took for him to receive repayment.

Such "contracts" represent the earliest forms of interest payments. Interest is, in essence, the price a person pays for borrowing. Because it entails a repayment that is more than the original sum lent, the money involved is also considered a form of equity for the lender.

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Typically, the interest rate is determined during the establishment of the loan. Simple Interest is usually divided into two categories: Simple interest adds the interest to the principal the amount of money originally lent at the end of the year.

Compound interest is a more common type of interest, applying the interest to the principal over the course of the loan.

Interest Rate Central to the calculation of interest is the interest rate, which is normally seen as an annual percentage of the principal involved. Interest rates are determined by dividing the amount of interest by the amount of principal.

Of course, there are a number of external elements that can affect the rate at which interest is accrued. Chief among them is the government, which determines the parameters by which interest rates may be applied.

The US federal government, for example, assesses the US economy for signs of inflation, deflation, stagnation, recession, and other issues, and raises or lowers interest rates in response to those conditions.

The application of interest rates depends on conditions in the economic system in which the lending occurs. It is therefore important to present a brief history of interest rates and the conditions that can affect such rates over the short and long periods of time. Prices were rapidly increasing as investors took part in the countless opportunities Wall Street had to offer.

Jun 15,  · WASHINGTON — Given high unemployment and low inflation, the Federal Reserve is likely to wait until before it starts to raise interest rates, a new Fed research paper states. Download file to see previous pages The tendency to slope upwards occurs when short-term rates of interest are low, and the tendency to slope downwards occurs when short-term rates of interest are high. Thirdly, in most cases, the yield curve slopes upwards (Fisher, 6). The paper shall also present a model that can be used for the pricing of bonds. Interest rates interpolated from data on certain commercial paper trades settled by The Depository Trust Company. The trades represent sales of commercial paper by dealers or direct issuers to investors (that is, the offer side).

In andhowever, the federal government became concerned that these astronomical prices were overinflating the market and, as a result, ran the risk of creating a financial bubble.This paper surveys the main concepts and techniques of recent developments in the modeling of the term structure of interest rates that are used in the risk management and valuation of interest-rate-dependent cash flows.

These developments extend the concepts of immunization and matching to a. The interest rates and the bond value are correlated, whereby a decrease in the interest rates will cause an increase in the bond value and an increase in the interest rate will decrease the bond value.

The Term Structure of Interest Rates Robert J.

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Shiller, J. Huston McCulloch. NBER Working Paper No. Issued in August NBER Program(s):Monetary Economics This paper consolidates and interprets the literature . The methodology used in this research paper was to apply multiple linear regressions to find and prove that there exists a positive relationship Detente Interest rate, Initiation rate Ana gross mostly product.

Research Paper (pdf): Interest on Reserves: History and Rationale, Complications and Risks (Revised February ) Among the enduring legacies of the financial crisis of , interest on reserves now plays a central role in the Federal Reserve's policymaking framework.

Famous arguments justify paying interest on reserves on . This paper explores the long-term determinants of interest rates, and, in particular, the relationship between variations in interest rates and the rate of economic growth. Is there a positive correlation, as suggested by standard growth theory, or is the role of economic growth overshadowed by a larger array of domestic and foreign influences.

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