Poetry and cockroach human conditions

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Poetry and cockroach human conditions

Their president Jose Cha Cha Jimenez reorganized them on Grito de LaresSeptember 23, and became founder of the Young Lords as a national civil and human rights movement.

This new community wide movement, then networked to nearly 30 other cities including three branches in New York City. These groups were united into one by Chicago's national offices because of the importance of building a strong united national organization for Puerto Rican self determination.

Chicago wanted to avoid paying for extra services and to increase property tax revenues. The Young Lords realized urban renewal was evicting Latino and poor families from their neighborhoods and witnessed police abuses.

There were few Latino students or outspoken leadership at the time. Still the Young Lords were able to transform themselves, adding and training leadership, and organizing the broader Latino community. National headquarters in Chicago then asked a loose coalition of chapters in New York to form one regional branch.

These all accepted neighborhood empowerment and Puerto Rican self-determination as the unifying mission. The Great Migrations of the late 40's spread Puerto Ricans into the mid west while sizable numbers continued to increase on the Eastern coast of the U.

Today Florida also has a significant number living on the mainland Therefore, in the s it was natural that the most populated center of the Puerto Rican diaspora would also take on a significant role and they became a regional headquarters of the movement.

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Nevertheless, the Young Lords originated from the transformed Lumpen Proletariat movement in Chicago which was able to mobilize various Puerto Rican social classes, and various ethnic People's within the United States including Puerto Rico.

The office in Chicago was attempting to construct a nationwide grassroots movement within the U.

Poetry and cockroach human conditions

The Young Lords movement had already gained national prominence leading protests against conditions faced by Puerto Ricans on the mainland.

Because most were students in New York, and more established as a middle income community; media-savvy and adjacent to New York media centers; the New York chapter flourished and provided the needed support for national headquarters which was then being suppressed viciously by the F.

Daley's Chicago city government. They helped Chicago catapult the movement to more prominence. The Young Lords walked into the urban renewal meeting and told the panel of primarily members of the local neighborhood association that no more meetings would be permitted until there were people of color on their board.

To make the point they trashed the entire place to the point of shut down. It also promoted the opening of the Young Lords' local office in New York.

This was the first official action as new members of the Young Lords network. The offensives targeted local city services which was in tune with the National Headquarters established mission for neighborhood empowerment.

The actions continued to link other international movements with the primary mission of the Young Lords which is to free Puerto Rico. In Chicago, the Young Lords also mounted occupations of local institutions within the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

It was to pressure institutions to support low income housing for working families. These actions spread the group nationwide. New York had first read about the Chicago Young Lords in an issue of the Black Panther newspaper which spoke also about actions for Puerto Rican and Latino self-determination, and the increasing repression of Jose Cha Cha Jimenez and the national office.

The east coast then followed the pattern set by People's Church in Chicago and conducted their own takeover of the First Spanish United Methodist Church in East Harlem [4] After a couple of weeks over members were arrested.

Chicago visited during the take-over and asked them not to resist arrests to avoid bloodshed. The Young Lords set up free community programs. Bruce Johnson, who retained his church was part of the North Side Cooperative Ministry that worked on social justice concerns.

They were able to direct funds to support the Young Lords programs. He did later participate in all the neighborhood events. It remained a church but also the Young Lords National Headquarters for nearly two years.

On September 29,the church's pastor and his wife, Reverend Bruce Johnson and Eugenia Ransier Johnson, were both found murdered in their parsonage home several blocks away.Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. This is a real meat and potatoes kind of book, and centers on one Korean family spanning the 20th century.

Prejudice and racism, obstinance and perseverance, food culture and family life, and sacrifice, they all play a part here.

Poetry and cockroach human conditions

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