Private tuition are necessary evil

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Private tuition are necessary evil

Private tuition are necessary evil

The incidence of private tuition-taking in rural Pakistan among children studying in both public and private schools is high. The private tuition-taking prevalence increases with the ability to pay but the average spending on tuition is roughly the same for poor and rich households though it imposes a double burden on the poor.

This is over and above what parents spend on general schooling -- government or private. Stating that the ASER survey had covered more than villages, more than 19, households and more than 54, children aged across the country, she said investigations suggested that children in government schools taking private tuition and especially those belonging to the poorest classes appeared to perform better than those who did not take private tuitions.

She said the situation hinted at the hugely inferior learning the poorest children were receiving in government schools in rural regions. It also suggested that private tutoring did appear to substitute for poor quality schooling for the children in Pakistan. She said expansion of private schooling in Pakistan had assumed the proportion of an industry and changed the dynamics of education provision.

She said 61 per cent children were identified as enrolled in private schools, 38 per cent in government schools and one per cent in madrassahs.

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She said the survey of private schools revealed that 62 per cent of institutions were English medium and 83 per cent were co-educational. She said 65 per cent of the primary enrolment in private schools was in the low-cost schools, while in rural areas in both cities the ratio stood at 80 per cent.

She said more than 50 per cent of the teachers in rural and urban Peshawar were paid less than Rs5, per month. Ms Jamil said the study revealed that almost 84 per cent of the tuition-takers take regular lessons to supplement their school learning, while meagre one per cent uses tuitions to prepare for entrance tests.

She said 68 per cent of the students stated that grade improvement was the main motivating factor behind the decision to take up private tutoring. However, the cost of education in private sector is high forcing some households to choose which children or gender to send to which school.

Discussant Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash, assistant professor of history at Forman Christian College University, said more and more children were going to private schools, while the government had just failed to enact any rules to regulate the ever-growing private sector.

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He said it was unfortunate that students were more interested in scoring high grades instead of learning and for this reason also they take up tuitions.

Open Society Institute senior adviser Dr Faisal Bari said the implementation of Article A would be a tough job as the government would be required to take all children up to matriculation level.

This endeavour, he said, would also change the meaning of examinations. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download Some of these programs include funding for public schools, job training, SSI benefits and medicaid. Federal welfare programs[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification.
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Private tuition are necessary evil
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