Project report on malls

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Project report on malls

City of New London, 44 states have passed new laws aimed at curbing the abuse of eminent domain for private use. Given that significant reform on most issues takes years to accomplish, the horrible state of most eminent domain laws, and that the defenders of eminent domain abuse—cities, developers and planners—have flexed their considerable political muscle to preserve the status quo, this is a remarkable and historic response to the most reviled Supreme Court decision of our time.

Of course, more work remains to be done, in both state legislatures and Congress, to protect homes, businesses, churches, and farms. Indeed, because some states have not passed reforms, and because many reforms are incomplete, it is important to take a step back and evaluate the work that has been done and is left to do.

Some states have passed model reforms that can serve as an example for others. Some states enacted nominal reform—possibly because of haste, oversight, or compromise—and need to know what is left to fix. And finally, there are those states that have failed to act altogether, leaving home, farm, and business owners threatened by Kelo-type takings and beyond.

Eminent domain authority carries with it tremendous responsibility.

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Thus, as the Founding Fathers understood, it is a power that must be used sparingly and only for the right reasons. This understanding is reflected in the Fifth Amendment to the U. However, those takings began to proliferate as public use was interpreted more broadly.

Over the past several decades, however, the definition of blight has become so expansive that tax-hungry governments now have the ability to take away perfectly fine middle- and working-class neighborhoods and give them to land-hungry private developers who promise increased tax revenue and jobs.

Open-ended blight designations provide a way for local governments to circumvent the public use requirement. Nothing is to prevent the State from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping mall, or any farm with a factory.

Project Report For Shopping Mall

State legislatures need to establish that a public use means that the government or the public at large owns, occupies, and has a definite right to use property acquired by eminent domain.

Ideally, state legislatures should enshrine the above definition of public use not only in their state laws, but also in their state constitutions.

Eminent domain affects one of our most fundamental rights—the right to own property. Thus, protections against its abuse should be anchored in state constitutions so that they will be secure from subsequent attempts by cities, developers, and others that benefit from eminent domain abuse to weaken them.

Of course, as noted above, blight is a device that allows local governments to abuse the power of eminent domain. Thus, any reform that fails to address the issue of blight is inadequate and leaves home and business owners at significant risk of being victims of abuse.

Project report on malls

State legislatures should either eliminate the use of eminent domain for blight or redefine the term narrowly so that it refers only to individual properties that directly threaten public health and safety.

Unless open-ended definitions of blight are changed, blight designations can be applied to any neighborhood—no matter how nice—that politically connected developers desire.

Instead of giving deference to legislative determinations of public use, courts should make governments show that they are using eminent domain properly.

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While other provisions—such as providing sufficient notice of takings—are helpful in reform legislation, the components of reform discussed above are the most important because they directly put the brakes on private-to-private transfers of property for private gain.

In this report card, we have evaluated the quality and strength of reforms that have passed in the states, both so that legislators can know what is left to do and so that citizens can find out if they are really protected from eminent domain abuse.

States that failed to pass any eminent domain reform received failing grades. Alabama Original bill prohibited eminent domain for private development but left open the blight loophole. The following year that loophole was closed.The proposed Fulton Mall Reconstruction project is located in Downtown Fresno (Exhibit 1).

Fulton Mall consists of six blocks bounded by Van Ness Avenue to the east, Inyo Street to the south, Broadway/H Street to the west, and Tuolumne Street to the north (Exhibit 2).

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The project, considered a "destination mall," could provide a more profitable model for other struggling retail complexes. Hundreds of malls have closed in the past two decades.

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Project report on malls

NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF THE DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (DEIR) FOR PACIFIC MALL PROJECT, SCH # Date: May 6, Name of Project: Pacific Mall Project Location: The project is located at the intersection of McCarthy Boulevard and Ranch Drive in the City of Milpitas.

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