Should gay couples be able to marry essay

This is about my belief system and what I think about Gay Marriage. In doing so, a growing number of people are realizing that they are attracted to the same se he or she is. Unfortunately, the same people are not afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples and are barred the right to marry in most states. Every person should be able to marry regardless of his or her sexual orientation and not be discriminated against because of the person he or she loves.

Should gay couples be able to marry essay

Introduction The issues of marriage are very complex, especially when dealing with issues of who should and should not be married, and what being married really means.

In this article I am going to attempt to cover the issue of marriage from a wide perspective and try to makes sense out of it. I think that a lot of confusion and polarization on the issue of gay, lesbian and same sex marriage has come from not looking at the big picture.

In this article on marriage and who should be married, I try to take into account all factors including the evolution of marriage, the history of marriage, legal issues, civil rights, human biology and reproduction, children, religion, love, relationships, heterosexual and homosexual issues, what is normal and where normal matters.

The idea is that when people look at the entire scope of issues surrounding marriage that a different perspective is created. I contend that no matter what side of the issue you are on with regards to same sex marriage, that the arguments contained herein will give you something to think about.

That even if you don't agree with me, it will change your perspective on the subject and cause you to look at your own views in a different light. My conclusions in this article represent my opinion and are not to be considered to be any kind of strong statement of position.

This is an area where there is really no position I can take that I'm entirely comfortable with and I will point out obvious flaws in my own arguments that undermine my position.

I'm sure that there is something here to offend everyone on the planet, so if you're offended, so be it. Biology, Sex, Reproduction, Evolution Three billion years ago life on this planet began to reproduce by sexual reproduction.

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Males and females of species mated and combined their DNA to produce new individuals that combined traits from both parents. This way of reproducing produced genetic diversity and created new traits in which the fittest survived to pass on their advantages to future generations.

Genetic superiority is just one of the factors in survival. An individual needed not only to be born, but also to survive to reproductive age and reproduce before dying. Various creatures evolved social strategies to protect themselves and hunt for food and to defend against predators.

These social groupings ranged form hives of bees to solitary individuals who survived on their own except to mate. Humans adopted a number of social strategies in order to survive.

The basic unit of survival historically has been that the parents have been the core providers of their offspring, and that these families have associated with other families into tribes who looked out for each other.

Modern governments are the evolutionary extensions of those early tribes. With the exceptions of new technology, humans still reproduce from the mating of a male and a female. This is where we all come from. Our biological parents are not two men or two women, or three people for that matter.

We still recognize that our biological parents are usually the ones who raise the children and are primarily responsible for their upbringing. Thus there is a basis in reality to distinguish heterosexual families with children as being directly part of the process of reproduction and the continuing the human species.

Should gay couples be able to marry essay

The reproductive process and biological parents and families do create a logical distinction that is not an arbitrary line. If this line could be compared to the lines that separate states on a map, this line would be like a river in that there is a natural separation.

Having said that, I'm not going to rely on that as my only reason and say that heterosexuality is good and homosexuality is bad. All I'm doing is saying that there are real distinctions that need to be recognized, and that this distinction needs to be considered in any honest discussion about the reality of marriage.

I contend that this is a significant difference and should not be ignored. The History of Marriage Marriage was born from primitive cultures that recognized that males and females mated and as a result produced children that needed to be cared for.

The biological parents were considered to be the primary caregivers, with other relatives and friends taking a secondary role, and the tribe or state being there on a third level. The families needed each other to survive. Women without males were often at a disadvantage and required more resources from the tribe.

It was in the interest of the tribe to require the fathers to take responsibility for the children they created and force couples to marry based on pregnancy.Gay marriage gives same-sex couples the same human rights as heterosexuals in the same respect of having legal rights as a couple, family, and to each other’s benefits 2 / Gay marriage.

U.S. divorce rates for various faith groups, age groups and geographical areas.

Should gay couples be able to marry essay

Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples: An international resource for same-sex couples, supporting the diverse community of committed gay and lesbian partners through a variety of media, since The paper looks at why it is such a hot topic now, why it is important to many gay and lesbian couples to be able to marry and some of the pros and cons of same-sex marriage.

The paper takes the position that same-sex marriages should be lawful and provides legal, social, and . On the 17th of May , the French Assembly passed a law that allows same-sex couples to marry and to adopt children. The decision was heavily debated and three large-scale demonstrations – each one counting more than one million people opposing the draft – preceded its passing into law.

Liberal gay rights advocates for marriage for same-sex couples generally respond to conservative moral rhetoric by invoking a counter moral rhetoric of equality and rights: marriage is a "right" that should be made available to.

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