Soccer match fixing 2013 analysis

The major motivations behind match fixing are gambling and future team advantage. Agreements with gamblers[ edit ] Main article: Match fixing related to gambling There may be financial gain through agreements with gamblers. One of the best-known examples of gambling-related race fixing in motorsports is the Tripoli Grand Prixin which the winning number of the lottery was determined by the number of the race-winning car.

Soccer match fixing 2013 analysis

A soccer referee holds a red card, signifying a player is expelled from the game SHARE A new guidebook published by the United Nations highlights the links between organized crime and match fixing in sports, and it offers suggestions for the relevant authorities about how to tackle the issue.

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Most match fixing involves attempts to interfere with the fair play of a sport for the purpose of making money in legal or illegal betting markets. And there are numerous ways this can be accomplished. Several players allegedly accepted thousands of dollars from a Singaporean criminal named Dan Tan in exchange for throwing international matches.

A number of the players were banned from the sport, but criminal penalties proved more difficult to enforce. In addition to the athletes themselves, referees and other sports officials can also participate in match fixing. Similar allegations have been made in recent years regarding other South American referees.

As InSight Crime has reportedinvesting in local soccer teams serves a number of purposes for criminal organizations. Not only can these investments be used to evade taxes and launder the proceeds of illegal activities, they can also help criminal groups build social capital.

This is likely the reason that so many soccer bosses in Latin America have been revealed to have ties to criminal organizations. After investing in a soccer team, threatening or otherwise coercing players, referees and others into fixing matches for the benefit of the crime group is in some ways a logical next step.

Proving that match fixing occurred usually requires the collection and analysis of substantial amounts of evidence like betting trend data, information about financial transactions, telephone or digital communication records, and video recordings of the match in question — all of which can prove difficult to obtain.

And even if convincing evidence of match fixing can be compiled, the activities of the fixers still might not be punishable under existing laws.

"The Phenomenon of Match-Fixing in Soccer: A Plague Without a Cure?" by Nikolaos Petropoulos

Nevertheless, the UNODC guidebook provides some suggestions for how authorities can investigate and break up these types of schemes. For example, due to the difficulty of investigating and prosecuting match fixing itself, the document suggests that law enforcement should look into whether suspected fixers are engaged in other criminal activities that may be easier to prosecute.

Soccer match fixing 2013 analysis

Additionally, the guidebook recommends that law enforcement agencies work with media outlets, betting services and sporting organizations to detect possible instances of match fixing. Interactions like these have contributed significantly to past match fixing investigations. Moreover, given the globalized nature of the crime, the UNODC also recommends improving information sharing and cooperation across borders when it comes to investigating and prosecuting match fixing.

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Match fixing is seen as one of the biggest problems in organized sports. This page is a list of match fixing incidents American football.

In , four Northwestern University Brazilian football match-fixing scandal: In September , Indian cricketer S. Sreesanth received a lifetime ban in for his part a match-fixing scheme. Victorian police say more arrests are likely in the investigation into an alleged international soccer match-fixing syndicate.

Six men, including the alleged ringleader of the match-fixing. Feb 27,  · Monti, speaking as a soccer fan rather than the leader of Europe's fourth-largest economy, was upset by the latest match-fixing scandal that had befallen the .

We hope you find its analysis and prescriptions useful. We at INTERPOL remain committed to working with you to prevent match-fixing. Match-fixing in Football TNA 14 Aug Page 7/33 3 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INTERPOL match-fixing -fixing.

Organized Crime a Player When it Comes to Match Fixing

match. Football Association. football. Match-fixing has become a widespread international problem in recent years. It includes everything from bribery of players, to putting undue influences on the owners of the soccer clubs, managers.

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