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Three groups sailed over the treacherous Atlantic from their cruel lives in England to set up peaceful religious colonies. The only problem is that they attempted to settle in their own way and all failed dismally. Examining the three sets of colonies will prove that they were all different: The New England Colonies life was dominated by the Puritan religion.

Southern essays

Homestyle Southern cooking is an art and a way of life Southern essays ties family together, ties you to the land, and invokes a kinship among the region. I can go anywhere in the US or in the world and become friends with a fellow southerner over sweet iced tea and fried chicken and biscuits. Southern food enjoys a rich heritage that is a blend and distant relative of many cuisines…just as diverse as the ancestral heritage of the people that cook the food.

While there are certainly differences between states and even sections of those statesI would like to explore the topic in more general terms. Usually other border states surrounding that area such as Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Virginia are included in this designation.

Keep in mind however that there are many subregions within the South and each of these has its distinguished culture. Folks from the coal hills of Kentucky are unique to their region as the rural folks from the piney-woods of Georgia or those from the Virginia Tidewater.

While many of their dishes are different from those other regions, some things remain the same. Some of those border or outlying states even have ingredients in their cuisine that are very different than other states in the South. For example Texas cuisine mingles southern food with Southwestern or Mexican dishes, some regions of Florida use Cuban influences, and Louisiana utilizes French creole cuisine with regular southern dishes.

S outhern cuisine has many diverse influences that demonstrate the rich culture and history of the region. Many styles of cooking and even its ingredients, come from a very ancient tradition native to this land.

The prominence of corn, tomatoes, and slow cooked pit barbeque pork or other meat in this region comes from the Native Americans. The Native Americans taught us how to grow, prepare and eat corn as well as many other native plants such as tomatoes,sweet potatoes, peppers, beans and peas, and squashes.

Today, these vegetables are staples in the Southern diet, especially the use of pork and corn. From Europe, especially the British Isles, we have the traditions of big fry-up breakfasts and baked dishes.

The Southern tradition of deep frying or pan-frying just about anything comes from Scotland. We fry chicken, fish, and game many enjoy squirrels and frog-legs and make simple breads from corn. We also eat a simple porridge made from corn called grits.

Southern essays

While traditional European grains such as barley, wheat or oats do not grow as well here, our ancestors from the British Isles took what they knew and used new ingredients. Today, it is not uncommon for Southern families to have roast dinners on Sunday with roast pork or beef alongside very southern dishes like stewed collard greens, black-eyed peas or squash.

France has had a huge impact on the culture and cuisine of Louisiana. The first eighty years of French control set the pattern, and all the subsequent influences were additions, not replacements.

Other Southern states manifest the historical presence of English, Scotch-Irish, or Spanish cultures; only Louisiana is clearly a child of France—and nowhere is that parentage more evident than in the kitchen. Complete with roux and andouille sausage, Creole and Cajun cuisine are unique to this region of the South.

While southern cuisine has definite European and Native American influences, its greatest influence has come from Africa. Okra is often used in southern dishes from the bayou to tidewater and it comes straight from the African coast.

In fact, the word gumbo a stew made from okra, tomatoes, and meat or seafood is an African word for okra and is made all over the South.

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Rice is also a staple ingredient in many coastal areas such as New Orleans cuisine and the Carolinas and Georgia Lowcountry and harkens back to ante-bellum days when slaves worked in the rice fields of the coast.

Many of the spices that we use in our cuisine are also African as well as our use of stewed greens, whether collard or turnip greens.

Having lived in Africa and dined on African cassava greens, I can attest to that.


Melons are also a staple among southerners, especially during the hot summer months when nothing is better than a sweet slice of watermelon or cantaloupe.

Examples of dishes Southern cuisine has a wide variety of dishes that could easily fill a nice sized encyclopedia but here are a few to get your mouth watering. An example of a hearty Southern breakfast would be bacon or sausage streaky bacongrits something like porridge except made from corneggs most often scrambled and often doctored up with cheeseand biscuits a quick bread like scones but not sweet.

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Sometimes we make a white gravy made from sausage drippings and floursometimes called Sawmill gravy, to pour over the biscuits or, if we are in the mood for country ham in the morning, we will make red-eye gravy which is made from ham drippings and coffee.

Fried chicken and sweet iced tea is a mainstay throughout much of the South though sweet tea may not be found in some parts of Louisiana, Florida, or Virginia.

The wide variety of vegetables in a given meal is also a feature of Southern cuisine. Any one meal may present fried okra, corn, butter beans, sweet potatoes, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, coleslaw, cantaloupe.

Southern essays

Such wealth often eclipses any meat served; by midsummer all vegetable meals with biscuits or cornbread are common.The Influence of Race and Southern Culture on the Works of Terrance Hayes - The South is a region of the United States known for lively bluegrass and jazz music, African American literature, fine cuisine, family unity, a strong .

Description. As a leader of the Southern Regional Council in the early s, and later as executive director of the Field Foundation, Leslie Dunbar’s advocacy and behind-the-scenes organizing made him one of the most significant (but least recognized) people in the civil rights movement.

In many Southern states, military governments were established until the states accepted the terms of re-entry into the Union. This included acceptance of the 14th and 15th Amendments, guaranteeing the right of citizenship and suffrage to Black American males.

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