Studium and punctum essay

Photo Analysis Free Sample The analysis of an image or a photo is all about visual deductions of information and impressions communicated by an image or photo. The following is an analysis of a Personal photograph.

Studium and punctum essay

The book goes into detail about his theories on the 'Studium' and 'Punctum' of a photograph.

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It is simultaneously an inquiry into both the nature and the essence of photography as well as a eulogy to his late mother. His studies are in-depth and personal. Barthes focuses particularly on one photograph of his mother which was taken when she was five years old.

He titled this piece 'The Winter Garden'. Barthes mother passed away inand Barthes who had lived with her most of his life had lost the most important person in his life.

The essence of mourning is a central feature within 'Camera Studium and punctum essay, which cannot be missed by one who reads it.

Barthes provides two terms for directing an analysis on any photograph. These terms are the studium and punctum. The Studium and punctum essay is identified by Barthes as a kind of general interest in the image. It tells the viewer about the historical context, where the photograph was taken and how the photograph is viewed.

Barthes writes that the studium means that he can enjoy the photograph as a political testimony, historical document, cultural testament to the gestures, settings, figures, faces of an earlier time Camera Lucida, pp.

The punctum is a 'detail', which punctuates the studium and disturbs it. Barthes writes, 'It is this element which rises front the scene, shoots out of it like an arrow, and pierces me. Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida, pp. The punctum for Barthes in the photograph 'The Winter Garden' is the recognition that 'This has been', and 'This will die'.

Through studium and punctum Barthes can read and identify the contextual and the personal within the photograph. But no punctum stands out so personal for Barthes as the family photographs of his mother; with her death so recent in his mind.

Pouring over photographs of his mother and analysing them expresses Barthes desire to know and recognise his mother. The image of his mother as a young child makes Barthes confront the connection between photography and death. Every photograph carries a relationship to their referents, and Barthes 'can never deny that the thing has been there.

There is no superimposition here: Barthes ultimately associates photography with death. Photography is a medium in which we experience the reality of death in the modern world.

Perhaps because we choose to look back on photographs of those we loved when they are no longer with us. We do this to look back on, to remember, to see them visually stood there.

Studium and punctum essay

A time and space forever captured in a moment, that can stay with us forever, and never leave us. But to look back and remember prolongs the pain and refreshes the memory that they are gone. With the background of Roland Barthes, 'Camera Lucida' and the studium and punctum covered.

Roland Barthes personal analysis of the vernacular photographs of his mother is the reason for choosing my particular photograph. In this photograph I will analyse the 'studium', and 'Punctum' of my own personal family photograph. No other photograph has a punctum effect so powerful to me that as Barthes describes it 'Pricks me, but also bruises me, is Poignant to me ', Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida, pp I could try and find a photograph taken by a photographer and i could find one that sparks a small punctum up inside me but it wouldn't be as powerful as this particular family photograph.

And as Barthes said, 'to give examples of punctum is, in a certain fashion, to give myself up', Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida p. Firstly I will explain the contextual detail stadium of this photograph to my knowledge. This photograph was taken at my Nan's sisters house who we refer to as 'Auntie Francis.

Although without knowing this detail I would not be able to recognise the setting of the photograph as it is a lot different now. However in the background I can establish a photograph of my mom's cousin Cindy as a clue.

Like my nan it appears that my Auntie Francis is a collector of Ornaments too. In the background are first birthday cards for my Auntie Francis's Grandchild, James; who is six months older than me which roughly established my age in this photograph.Camera Lucida is a short book, but with the winter garden photograph it begins all over again.

Suddenly every photograph is for Barthes a memorial; the very essence of the medium is its spectral. In my street photography workshops, we explore the elements that give a photograph emotional, intellectual, and social can break this down further into the concepts, Studium and Punctum.

I'm expanding my workbook to include detailed explanations of these important aspects of art. Camera Lucida is a short book, but with the winter garden photograph it begins all over again.

Suddenly every photograph is for Barthes a memorial; the very essence of the medium is its spectral. In Barthe’s essay “Camera Lucida”, we see an analysis of the photo in terms of the studium and the punctum.

The studium for the most part produces the unary photo, which merely reproduces ‘reality’ or a single uniform idea, whereas the presence of a punctum .

Studium and punctum essay

In part one of this podcast, we look at the first part of the book and focus on how studium and punctum can help us better understand photography. From this work, he divides our understanding of photographs into two categories: stadium and punctum.

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"Studium and Punctum: The Duality of Photography" by Karen Thul '15